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Welcome to our Happy Place

Featuring: 140'x70' indoor riding arena with custom rubber mulch blend footing, daylight roof, and sprinkler system * 175'x80' outdoor arena * training round pen * two barns, 27 stalls * large pastures with small herds * trails on site


Freedom, Friends, and Forage

Respecting the herd's physiological needs for Freedom, Friends, and Forage is the core of our horse-keeping philosophy.

Feeding for Wellbeing

Unlimited access to slow feeders is the foundation of our feeding program. The importance of continuous, slow-fed forage to the horse's physical and mental health is well-documented. The benefits include: decreased cortisol levels/stress, improved insulin regulation, reduced risk of colic, choke, ulcers, laminitis, stereotypic behavior (such as cribbing, pacing, weaving), boredom, aggression, and obesity. Plus, they like it!


Room to Run

Most of the horses at Big Lake Farm are turned out with their friends 24/7, year round. We have 7 beautiful pastures and two smaller pens that we use for herd introductions and special needs. Pastures are cleaned weekly and fly predators are released every 3 weeks during fly season.

Barn Time

We have two bright and airy barns, each with tack rooms, feed rooms, and heated lounges and bathrooms. Some of our boarded horses do come inside at night in the winter; they come into large matted stalls (cleaned every morning), heated water buckets, and a premium low-dust paper bedding for their respiratory health. Visitors often comment on how clean we keep our barns!


Expert Care

We have no outside staff; all of the horses at Big Lake Farm are cared for by our family, and our OTHER family: members of our amazing boarding co-op. All are highly experienced horse owners who tend to each horse like their own.

Our pasture board rate is $455. Reach out today for a tour or boarding application!

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