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Riding Lessons Make Dreams Come True!

All ages/levels/disciplines welcome: Horses bring magic to everyone!
Beginner lessons have an emphasis on basic care, safety, and foundational riding skills. In addition to riding, students will spend time learning to care for, groom, and tack up their horse. We have trails on site and trail riding is incorporated into lessons on nice days. Our lesson horses are treated with the upmost love and respect and it shows; they are kind and gentle and love people.
Advanced lessons are tailored to a rider's horsemanship specific goals. Every week you'll get homework and additional resources. When you come back the following week we'll discuss what you worked on, what's working/what isn't, any questions you have, and what your next goals are.
Lesson packages start at $200/month. Call/text Diana to schedule:)

"Big Lake Farm has been an amazing place for my daughter. Over the past 10 years, we have lived in 2 different states, and Big Lake is by far the most peaceful, positive and supportive barn at which we've been.
Diana has vast knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of horsemanship. She not only trains her students to be successful riders, but moreso, how to communicate and understand a horse's body language. Diana is compassionate, patient, and kind-hearted. If one suggestion doesn't work to accomplish a rider's goal, she is creative in coming up with another solution. We can't say enough good things about Diana and Big Lake Farm. We are so lucky to be here!"
--Lisa Cooper, Mom to Madison

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